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When we first encountered Uptown Aces Casino, we assumed it would be similar to every instant play casino program you can download. It looked like it on the surface and each game had a similar ring to that of your typical casino. However, after spending some time reviewing Uptown Aces Casino and working through its programs and promotions, we began to realize the true depth that Uptown Aces Casino offers their players. The number of instant play casinos available is staggering, yet this one finds a way to rise to the top.

One thing about most digital casinos is the difference between instant play games and download games. Uptown Aces Casino makes great use of both by promoting easy access to their instant play games and a useful download system. Instant play is perfect for mobile users and anyone who doesn't want to download their software. If you don't mind the download, having access to a wider library of games is something you get from their download option. But how do these games - instant play and download - fare compared to their competitors?


250% Match Bonus, up to $200

Games:300+ Games

Games and Slots by Uptown Aces Casino

The library of games is one of the most impressive aspects of this program. Uptown Aces Casino focuses on providing quality slot card games, but the wealth of other varieties is just as incredible. Uptown Aces Casino sells itself as a slot card game program, but then you encounter their collection of table-top games, video pokers, specialty games, and progressive new options and you're blown away. Once you make your account, you can choose to either download the software or access a reduced number of games directly online.

With instant play, Uptown Aces Casino offers you a wild number of possibilities. You will find your basic slot options and typical poker collections, but you'll also find a number of atypical casino games. Games like Banana Jones or Fish Tree take a wild turn on the typical casino game style. They offer you a fresh new-look into how casino games can be made and what fun can be had while you're playing. The collection of games you can download only expands on this well of fun offered by Uptown Aces Casino.

If you're looking for the classic casino games, Uptown Aces Casino has your back. The classics such as craps, slots, poker, and roulette are all available with the click of a button. If you're looking for a wide library of classic games and new-age revamps, this program has your back. In terms of games alone, Uptown Aces Casino hosts one of the best selections available online. We were blown away by the pure number of games Uptown Aces Casino had available.

Download or instant play. With their services, you have the option to either sign on directly and begin instant play with a flash player or to download their software and gain access to an even larger library of games. While instant play is much simpler and offers you quite a decent amount of games, the download option is a fantastic way to broaden the library. If you download the games, you'll have access to games that weren't available in the mobile version. Instant play is available for both the phone and computer.

Possible Bonuses and Promotions

New players are encouraged to stick around and keep using this program as their casino of choice. The market is crowded and instant play casinos are fighting for potential players so the amount of bonuses you'll receive when you first start out are impressive. Uptown Aces Casino offers you a starting bonus of $8,888 so that you can keep the fun going for longer. Other casinos offer you starting bonuses, but not near the amount offered here.

Be warned, this doesn't mean that you'll receive $8,888 from the start and cash out after your first win. The promotion is spread throughout your first six deposits - up to $2,500 from your first deposit, up to $1,500 from your second and so on. This can be confusing and some might find their deposit isn't met with a 250% increase - this is because it maxes out at $2,500 for your first deposit. Keep an eye on the amount you're depositing each time.

For a download online casino, Uptown Aces Casino offers an amazing amount of sign up bonuses to keep their players around. While every online casino does this, it really shows that your business matters to Uptown Aces Casino. Their loyalty program is impressive as well as they begin to list out VIP tiers and the benefits seen from them. If this program becomes your casino home, looking into their VIP tiers will be worth the time.

VIP Access for Uptown Aces Casino

We've found that instant play casinos online have loyalty programs that are designed to simply take your money. After looking through the VIP tiers list for Uptown Aces Casino, our skepticism returned as it echoed the styles of other, less beneficial options we've encountered elsewhere. However, after looking into the program and seeing everything it offered for the amount you'd be paying to receive access, it turned our heads.

It's rather simple to gain access to the tiers - first level can be accessed at any time, as long as you've deposited a minimum of $5,000. As the levels go up, we begin to encounter a minimum account age starting at 30 days. To gain access to the top-level of VIP, you must have been using Uptown Aces Casino for 90 days with over $50,000 deposited. This might seem like a lot, but the rewards you begin to receive with VIP levels are well worth it.

Uptown Aces Casino rewards you for playing. You don't have to go out of your way to subscribe to any of the VIP levels, you simply earn them by meeting the requirements. Players do have to have a decent success rate as this program attempts to quell unhealthy gambling habits which is admirable. This free to download digital casino stations itself high above the pack with their incredible rewards program. It holds similar benefits to that of the competition, but access to them is simple and doable by anyone.

The VIP tiers help promote continued use of both download and instant play games. It's important for casino Uptown Aces that they have plenty of users who use both the download and instant play features so that they continue to receive traffic flow and revenue. By promoting use of instant play games through VIP tiers, they are able to continue offering such great VIP deals. The more you play these instant play games, the more money you'll gain and the higher access to VIP tiers you'll have.

The same can be seen through their software you can download. The more you play, the more you make and the higher you can get in their VIP program. If you download their software, you have access to more games which will give you more opportunities to gain access to VIP tiers. Instant play doesn't limit you, but you won't be able to play the download only games.

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A Note on Instant Play VS Downloads

Something that almost every online casino does is offer the choice of instant play games and download games. Instant play allows you to play online via their website. Instant play games are typically limited and not as advanced as download games. With the download option, you have the ability to download their software which will download a bunch of their games to your computer allowing you to play more advanced and high quality games than the instant play options. Instant plays will be available on both the computer and mobile whereas downloads will only be available on the computer.

Why do casinos pit instant play options against download choices? They believe that instant play games will entice you to download the full software. If you like the instant play games, you'll love the download choices. We want to take a look at what the download software looks like and compare it to the instant play choices. To start, you have to be willing to download their software, but many users don't want anything to download on their computer.

Typically, a casino will request you download their software onto your computer. Once you download the software, you'll have access to all of the download exclusive content. This is typically high-quality games that aren't playable through flash players. Download content doesn't offer much beside the higher quality, but some casinos will restrict certain games to the download software so that users feel compelled to download it. How does Uptown Aces Casino fair with their download software?

As we mentioned earlier in our review, we enjoy their download content. We feel as though they put effort into their downloads and make the download process worth the extra storage. Many download exclusive content is simply a reskin of a main access game, giving you no incentive to download anything. Their download content is unique and advanced making you feel as though the download was not a wasted one.

Pros and Cons of Uptown Aces Casino

After reviewing what the casino has to offer, we thought it might be useful to provide you with a list of pros and cons to showcase the benefits and drawbacks of this program. We found that most of our negatives regarding the casino were focused on their withdrawal program. The cons are simply personal preference and might not affect you directly.

The pros were selected as each one showcases how important the players are to this casino. Without the benefits they offer you, this digital service would simply be another online casino that is stuck in the pack. The pros we've encountered are what put this casino at the top of their industry in our opinion

One feature that really stood out to us was the software they offer to download to your computer. We understand that this is rather common for digital casinos, but casino Uptown Aces nailed their download option. By offering an extended library of games you can download, they are promoting more use of this download feature. Many people might avoid having to download a software from a digital casino, but they make the download worth it. Their instant play games are great as well, but having the ability to download more makes Uptown Aces Casino stand out in the pack.


  • VIP Tiers that care about you
  • Incredible library of games
  • Extended download library


  • No diversity in digital currency
  • No access to PayPal and similar services Uptown Aces Online Casino

Our Final Thoughts

If you're looking for one of the best instant play and download programs available online, look no further. We fell in love with the download or online services offered here and will highly recommend Uptown Aces Casino to anyone looking for easy access to casino games with real money. The incredible size of their library of games alone was enough to draw us in and keep up entertained for hours on end. Even if you're not in it for the money, the fun of the games alone is enough.

The bonus program they offer for first time users is amazing as well and shows they value your presence and hope to keep you around. Matching your first few deposits is common amongst digital casinos, but the amount they are willing to match you is rather high. Most online casinos only offer you around $2,500 as a sign up bonus, but they will offer that amount to you in the first deposit alone! Their offer of $8,888 is rather deceptive as it's only received after six deposits, but it's still a rewarding number to have access to.

Very few can match the services offered at Uptown Aces casino. It's rare to find a casino you can download that truly cares about you and your success.The games turned out to be a blast, the bonus program was well worth the deposits, and the VIP tiers offered benefits for loyalty. In terms of online casinos, this website is nearly unrivaled. We fell in love with Uptown Aces Casino's download feature and highly recommend them to you as well.

Whether you're looking for a program you can download or a website for instant play casino fun, casino Uptown Aces has you covered. With an incredible download feature that offers you plenty of casino games as well as more options to win money, they have made a name for themselves and are ready for you to sign up, download, and start playing today!