Finding the Fastest Casino Withdrawals

Interested in finding the best ways to achieve the fastest casino withdrawals? We've selected the top options for players from the USA to consider.



Cryptocurrencies were a rare payment option only a short time ago, but nowadays they're available at a lot of online casinos that accept players from the USA. Bitcoin is easily the most commonplace, but others, such as Litecoin, are increasingly supported by betting sites.

Players focused on speedy payouts can enjoy the fastest casino withdrawals with cryptocurrency. The best casinos offer withdrawals via Bitcoin in a matter of moments (although tardier sites can take a day or two). Withdrawal limits also tend to be more generous with cryptocurrency than with most other means of banking.

On more advantage that cryptocurrency affords, in addition to great speed, is that the fastest casino withdrawals are accompanied by excellent security. The anonymity and safety that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide make them a great option for more and more players, with the only real downside being that some other options remain more commonplace.


Players from the USA are sometimes nervous about sharing card or banking details with online casinos, despite betting establishments having a good level of security. Those anxious over such matters frequently opt for e-wallets, which are widely accepted at casinos and also offer some of the fastest casino withdrawal times.

Among the most popular e-wallets for betting purposes are Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, and ecoPayz. By acting as an intermediate stage between bank and casino account, e-wallets provide an extra padding layer of security and also facilitate rapid withdrawals, often within a day or so. It does take an additional step to shift money into a bank account, however.

Visa and Mastercard


The bread and butter of everyday spending, Visa and Mastercard are the most commonly accepted casino payment systems and are available at practically every American online betting site. On top of that, just about every player from the United States has at least one of the cards anyway, making them top of the tree in terms of convenience.

They're also an option that can typically be used for transferring money both into and out of a casino (unlike certain methods which may only be accessible for deposits or withdrawals but not both). Although not quite as fast as e-wallets, usually, they're still pretty quick, with most casino paying out between 2 and 5 business days with Visa and Mastercard, and a few sites being quicker than this.

Slow But Safe - the Bank Wire

At the opposite end of the scale is the bank wire, which is a very old-fashioned alternative when compared to the likes of cryptocurrency. Correspondingly, it's a lot slower, with withdrawal times that are measured in weeks rather than days. However, high rollers still like the system, so it's still widely available, because it's immensely secure. It also tends to have high transfer limits, so if you're shifting about large rather than little sums, even though it's slow, this might be something worth considering. And one more bonus is that it comes with very good security indeed.

Choose a Fast Casino

The payment method isn't the only thing that players from the United States should consider when thinking about getting the fastest casino withdrawals. In addition to transfer times caused by the banking option itself, players will also have to wait due to pending periods and processing by the casino. By and large, this won't affect things too much but some casinos are definitely slower than others. Similarly, some apply more fees or have more stringent withdrawal limits than others.

There are lots of different finance options at casinos accepting players from the United States, and some of the fastest casino withdrawal methods have been outlined above. But don't forget that different sites can be faster or slower, so consider not only the banking option that's quickest but where you play.